(PS4) Persona 5 Royal Edition Chinese Version (CHN) - Used


+ New playable character - Kasumi Yoshizawa
+ New added storyline & 3rd semester sections
+ Brand new palace dungeon+Gun customization - can add elemental attack
+ New location to explore - Kichijoji
+ New activities, mini games & hobbies, hangout place to engaged with
+ Some Palaces will have new contents & enemies
+ Can use grappling hooks to reach higher places & sneak attack on enemies
+ Can now double team attack on enemies
+ Futaba Gets Her Own All-Out Attack
+ Goro Akechi backstory will be explored
+ New unlockable costumes to purchase
+ New Opening And Music

Release Date: 31 March 2020
Audio: -
Subtitle: Chinese
Genre: Turn Based RPG
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: P Studio