(Switch) Doraemon Story Of Seasons Chinese Version (CHN) - Used
  • (Switch) Doraemon Story Of Seasons Chinese Version (CHN) - Used

(Switch) Doraemon Story of Seasons Chinese Version (CHN) - Used



哆啦A梦和Story of Seasons系列之间的合作,游戏包括新的角色和哆啦A梦系列中的知名人物,包括大雄。

發售日: 2019年7月25日
語音: 日文
字幕: 繁體中文
遊戲類型: 模拟游戏
發售廠商: Bandai Namco Entertainment
開發廠商: Studio Brownies, Marvelous

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Game Overview

The story of Nobita and friends starts from a mysterious seed.

Doraemon and Nobita come across a mysterious seed. "This might be a new species of plant!" They planted the seed right away. Surprisingly, it grows into a massive tree the moment they planted and a sudden storm come at the same time. Nobita and friends are taken in by the sky and swept away somewhere...

Nobita and friends soon arrived at the foot of a peculiar, huge tree. They have lost their secret gadgets through the storm and unable to return to their world, completely helpless. Suddenly they met a boy named Launch, who is kind-hearted and told them the "Season Town" is where they are in. Soon after, at the suggestion of Launch, Nobita and friends decide to live in the said town. Having yet figured their way out, they lend helping hands to its residents.

Shizuka-chan helps out at the hospital, Suneo serves at the restaurant, Gian is in-charge at the carpenter, Doraemon as the mayor’s assistant, and Nobita supports Launch in attending the ruined ranch. By the help of Doraemon and friends, the residents of the town as well, Nobita must bring growth to a ruined ranch.