(PS4) Ride 3 (R2/ENG)
  • (PS4) Ride 3 (R2/ENG)

(PS4) Ride 3 (R2/ENG)


RIDE 3 is the ultimate motorbike encyclopedia, a realistic and adrenaline-packed title with more than 230 bikes dedicated to racing fans.

Release Date: 30 November 2018
Audio: English
Subtitle: English
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Milestone
Developer: Milestone


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Game Overview

Key Features

The Motorcycle Encyclopedia


  • More than 230 bike models available from the very first day, with more than 70 new models never seen before in a RIDE game.
  • 30 different brands, both historic and contemporary, of which 9 are completely new. 7 different categories to satisfy every taste and riding style.
  • 30 different tracks created from zero and faithfully reproduced via photogrammetry and drone scanning.

Extreme Customization


Thanks to the new customization possibilities you will be able to modify your beloved bike both on mechanical and aesthetical level thanks to the new livery editor that will let you unleash your creativity.

Volume-Based Career


The new career will be a Single Player experience which has never been seen before. Forget the old linear progression: the new Volumes-based system will allow you to collect, read and participate in races and competitions through more than 50 magazines. Each one will catapult you into a unique game experience, made up of competitions and anecdotes about the motorcycling world, which will improve your experience in RIDE 3.



Enjoy all the graphical improvements of Unreal® Engine 4 like a great visual rendering as well as detailed particle and lighting effects and a photorealistic level of the environments.