(PS4) Far Cry 5 (R3/ENG/CHN)
  • (PS4) Far Cry 5 (R3/ENG/CHN)

(PS4) Far Cry 5 (RALL/ENG)


Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise.

Release Date: 27 March 2018
Audio: English
Subtitle: English
Genre: First Person Shooter, Open World
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Game Overview

Far Cry 5 is a massive open world that’s filled with something new around every bend. The enemy AI behavior is more realistic and the exploration is almost endless. Even when you feel like taking a break from the campaign, you can take in some leisurely fishing before diving back into your quest. It’s your mission. With it comes the freedom to take on a world that hits back by any means necessary.  



Save the Land of the Free

Cruising the hills on an ATV
Ask around and people might say that you won’t find more freedom-loving people per square mile than here. It’s a place of hunting, farming and fishing, where people value their freedoms and the simpler things in life. At least that was the case before the Project showed up. Now the county is in disarray. Those who haven’t surrendered their souls to the cult are fighting for their lives, and their homes. And no place is safe from their hold.
Whether exploring the rocky terrain of the Whitetail Mountains, the rolling plains of Henbane River, or the raw wilderness of Holland Valley, you’re bound to find trouble—under every rock, behind every shrub, within every crevasse.  

Game Features

Carve Your Path

Related image Carve your own path through a world that reacts to your decisions. Find your own way to survive, thrive, and beat back the forces of oppression. The stakes have never been higher.

Meet the Cult

Image result for far cry 5 meet the father Backed by his siblings, The Heralds, and an army of fanatics, The Father is quickly cultivating lost souls and preparing them for The Collapse. And leaving a lot of blood and bodies in his wake.  

Join the Resistance

Image result for far cry 5 join the resistance Your posse comes in all shapes, sizes, and species. To help aid in your campaign against The Project at Eden's Gate, call upon other Resistance fighters from the towns to the forests to the blue skies of hope County. Some of these fighters even have fangs.  

Expanded Co-op: Friend for Hire

Image result for far cry 5 join the resistance Play through Far Cry 5's entire campaign in co-op, recruiting a friend to be your partner in destruction.  

Meet Boomer

Image result for far cry 5 meet boomer

Boomer is a former bird-dog regional champion. After a successful career, he was content to spend his retirement at his owner Rae-Rae's pumpkin farm. Then the cult stepped in and took his family away from him.